If you’re anything like me, then organization is NOT your strength. I love the idea of being organized and I definitely believe in it’s power of keeping you sane, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me. And as we all know, with kids, organization is key. What, with doctor’s appointments, school records, and hundreds of other things, some kind of system is necessary. Up to this point, I’ve been using this expandable file folder to keep all of our documents in one place…and clearly we’re running out of space. Plus, it was highly inconvenient. If we needed to go to an appointment forRead More →

In this post, I’ll be reviewing another book published by Prolance Writing. This book is also Islamic/Muslim themed and is really quite a piece. It takes a very deep, thought-provoking concept of Allah’s attribute of being Al-Aleem (All-Knowing) and introduces it in a way that a child will understand, but will also be intrigued to learn more. And to help with that point when the child may be further curious, Qur’anic references are provided so parents can explore the specific verses with their children. The book covers a wide range of complicated concepts from Allah’s knowledge of His creations (animals/plants that exist), time/prediction (predicting the weather, determining harvest), to self (Allah knowsRead More →

As mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be sharing any interesting resources I come across, especially in preparation for Ramadan. So without further ado, I’m excited to share with you the little gem I was introduced to last week! I Will Not Clean My Room by Saharish Arshad and published by Prolance Writing immediately caught my attention. Not only was the title intriguing, but you start with seeing a child, named Musa, in all the typical stubbornness of not wanting to clean his room. As his imagination begins to wander, you wander alongside him wondering what adventures you’ll encounter. Innocently, his imagination pertains to everything heRead More →