For December our theme is “Winter”. It only made sense to focus on another transition in the seasons to go along with our “Fall” theme from October. As if to agree, this past weekend we ended up getting some of our first snowfall of the season! Normally, when we have a theme that focuses on the season we do a lot of nature walks/outdoor play time throughout the month and especially as our first “introductory” activity. However, this week when it snowed we felt it was a bit too cold to let the kids play outside (although we do have their head to toe snowRead More →

Last week we wrapped up our November theme of Community Awareness. It was a fun theme full of field trips. As mentioned in our last recap post, we started the month off by using our savings to buy cat food and donating it to the local cat shelter. We then took a trip to Detroit Kid City. This is a wonderful little local gem that has an old-fashioned Detroit setup for kids to explore and play make-believe. They have a supermarket, school house, post office, bank, and so much more. It’s not a very big space, but they’ve been able to fit in a quiteRead More →

Last week, we wrapped up our “Fall” theme. The activities were more science/sensory focused as we observed changes in the season. This month, in recognition of the upcoming holiday season, is “Community Awareness”. You might have seen in some recap pics I posted before, the pic of the kids putting coins in a money bank. Actually, that “bank” was a prayer clock in the shape of the Muslim holy site, the Kaaba. The clock rang out during the time of each prayer time (Muslims pray five times a day). The clock stopped working, so we cleared the inside out and slit a hole on topRead More →

We’re back to update you on our homeschooling adventures! Last week this website was undergoing some work, so I had decided to hold off on regular posts. We’re still working on the website, but taking a short break, so here’s a quick recap of these last couple of weeks: Continuing with our monthly “Fall” theme, last week our theme was “Fall Changes”- specifically, regarding weather and temperature. Our main activities were waking up every morning and checking to see whether it was warm or cold outside, wearing appropriate clothing for the temperature, and of course, playing outside and observing how the leaves continue to fallRead More →

This week was a pretty rainy week. We stayed inside mostly. I also was feeling a little ‘under the weather’ again this week and decided to take a step back and focus on self-care. I was sort of anticipating it so I had intentionally planned a lightweight homeschooling schedule for this week so if we ended up skipping or delaying any activities it wouldn’t be an issue. The theme was “Fall Crops”. We were going to paint pumpkins, cut them open, count the seeds, and make pumpkin pies and cookies. We were also going to talk about other types of foods common in the fallRead More →

What a wonderful week to explore colors, weather, and everything nature-related! Last week we started to explore fall a little through some crafts, but this week we really got hands-on with backyard explorations, color walks, Hay Day festivities and more. We also caught up on a couple of the activities we missed last week. We started the week off with just exploring the backyard. We observed how the leaves changed into different colors, fell off the trees, how they’ve become “crunchy” as we stepped and jumped on them. We also observed how the weather became windier. We collected leaves, sticks, and dirt. We came acrossRead More →

As I explained in last week’s post, our September theme was “All About Me” with last week’s theme being “Who am I?” and this week’s theme being “My World”. This week we had fun drawing a family picture, sending an e-card to friends, and making a paper card for our teachers at the YMCA. We were also introduced to fall by noticing the changing colors and falling leaves outside. Some of the photos in the collage are from our busy bag activities that I discussed in my last post. As always, sometimes you end up with some unplanned fun, such as our pictured “fall colors”Read More →

After an unexpectedly long break this summer, we are finally back! Hopefully, you were following us on Facebook and Twitter (and now with this first post, Instagram!) for some sporadic posts. As I mentioned some weeks back, I’m still going to be making some changes to this website as I work on writing more books, but in the meantime I’ve decided to continue this blog as is and continue sharing our wonderful homeschooling experiences with you! As you may remember, in the spring we started doing an activity a day and I did weekly recaps. We continued doing some great activities throughout the summer andRead More →

I was planning on having this post up BEFORE Ramadan started, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. We’re actually in the middle of packing for our summer in the States. Regardless, because Ibrahim is old enough to start understanding some basic concepts, I really didn’t want to let go of this opportunity to introduce him to Ramadan. So here are some of things I prepared for him for this year (because we’ll have to take all this down in a couple of weeks, I admit, these are not pinterest-worthy, but, hey, they’re easy to pack :)) : Activity Calendar (top right): Basically I put up a paper bag for each day of theRead More →

My last post on here was introducing our new Interactive ABC Journal. Since then I’ve been posting our progress on social media (fb/twitter) and now we’ve finally completed our project. So here’s a recap: Ibrahim loved this project, which I’m really happy about, because he is NOT the sit down and work type so I was a little skeptical. But everyday, multiple times throughout the day he would come to me and say, “Let’s do letter (whatever letter we needed to work on next)!” Sometimes, I had to get myself into the mood to do it! Although, I intended this to be a ‘journal’ inRead More →