Book Review: My First Book of Patterns (+ Video Craft Tutorial!)

Recently, I entered a giveaway held by Montessorium. It was for the newly published book, My First Book of Patterns by Bobby & June George. Now, who wouldn’t love free books? Especially, since it seemed to fit perfectly with my kids’ age range. So, without giving it much thought, I went ahead and entered. Excitingly, I actually won and recently received our copy of the book!

Honestly, as I mentioned, I didn’t give it much thought when entering. So when I received this book, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. It’s a hard cover board book with bright bold colors. It’s great and visually stimulating for the preschool age group. It’s a little on the longer end, so I imagine many young children might find it difficult to sit through an entire reading of the book, but if it was used more as a “reference” book where kids can simply open it up and browse through as they wish, then it’s a great addition to a child’s library. I’m personally using it bit-by-bit in introducing my kids to different patterns and doing related crafts or activities. More on that below, but here is an inside look at the book:

All the patterns in the book are presented in the same step-by-step way.

A basic shape or figure is given (i.e. line), then the pattern that can be created (stripes), and then a colorful image incorporating that pattern (under the sea image). This method gives the child a sound opportunity to gradually build his/her understanding from a simple concept to a more complex one.

Find the book My First Book of Patterns on Amazon here.

Craft Tutorial

Now, as I mentioned earlier, because of the length of the book and the way it is structured in a progressive manner, I’ve been using it to slowly introduce the different patterns.

Here’s the craft we did related to the lines and stripes concept presented in the book. Make sure to check out the video tutorial below!



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