The Children’s Records Organizer Kit

If you’re anything like me, then organization is NOT your strength. I love the idea of being organized and I definitely believe in it’s power of keeping you sane, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me. And as we all know, with kids, organization is key. What, with doctor’s appointments, school records, and hundreds of other things, some kind of system is necessary.

Up to this point, I’ve been using this expandable file folder to keep all of our documents in one place…and clearly we’re running out of space. Plus, it was highly inconvenient. If we needed to go to an appointment for one child, I would have to dig through and grab the appropriate documents or if we’re in a hurry, lug the entire thing along…

So when I came across this Children’s Records Organizer Kit, I figured it’s most definitely worth giving it a try.

This kit, along with several others for various purposes, is sold by Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits. It features a colorful, childish cover page you can insert into the cover of a 3-ring binder, along with an insert for the spine of a binder. The table of contents page also has the same colorful theme. The dividers are labeled for the following ten categories: medical records, dental records, optical records, school records, daycare/babysitting, extracurricular activities, birth certificates, financial records, legal/agreements, and other records.

I like how with this binder everything is easily accessible, no digging around necessary. Furthermore, if you place all your documents in protective sheets, then it’s the perfect solution to your organization woes.

The kit is pretty simple and straightforward, so there’s a lot of room for your own creativity and personalization. For example, here are some ideas I came up with on how you can personalize this kit:

  • Use a colorful binder. I had a plain white one at home which I’m using for now, but when I get the chance I may opt for a more colorful option.
  • On the table of contents page, place a photo of your child. There’s plenty of room there.
  • The dividers are plain white. Add a splash of color and design by pasting scrapbook or patterned pages. Maybe paste your child’s artwork!

Along with this Children’s Records Organizer Kit, Ahh Hah! also sells several other kits, including ones to organize: recipes, wedding planning, personal finances, pet records, meeting planning, and more. Check out more of their products here. And if you’ve used any yourself, let us know which one and how!

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