Becoming Community Conscious

Last week we wrapped up our November theme of Community Awareness. It was a fun theme full of field trips. As mentioned in our last recap post, we started the month off by using our savings to buy cat food and donating it to the local cat shelter.

We then took a trip to Detroit Kid City. This is a wonderful little local gem that has an old-fashioned Detroit setup for kids to explore and play make-believe. They have a supermarket, school house, post office, bank, and so much more. It’s not a very big space, but they’ve been able to fit in a quite a bit of magic! The kids loved the post office and dropping mail in the mailboxes. It’s a great place for the kids’ imaginations to soar and to introduce them to various community roles.

Since we loved our post office so much Detroit Kid City, the following week, for World Kindness Day, we decided to leave a gift for the postal worker in our mailbox. With the weather getting colder, we thought a nice cup of hot chocolate would be appreciated.








Finally, to wrap things up we decided to organize a program with our friends in the local homeschooling group. We got together at the downtown branch of the Farmington Library that sits right next to the police station. We read a book aloud about all the different ways the police serve our community. Then we made thank you cards and strolled over to the station to drop off our cards and boxes of cookies. We had a range of about 10 kids of all ages in our group and they were all thrilled to actually see the inside of a police station! The staff at the station was also pleasantly surprised by our visit. It was a great closure to our theme!

Next monthly theme: Winter!

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