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Let it Snow! (including winter freebies and special events!)

For December our theme is “Winter”. It only made sense to focus on another transition in the seasons to go along with our “Fall” theme from October. As if to agree, this past weekend we ended up getting some of our first snowfall of the season! Normally, when we have a theme that focuses on the season we do a lot of nature walks/outdoor play time throughout the month and especially as our first “introductory” activity. However, this week when it snowed we felt it was a bit too cold to let the kids play outside (although we do have their head to toe snow

The Children’s Records Organizer Kit

If you’re anything like me, then organization is NOT your strength. I love the idea of being organized and I definitely believe in it’s power of keeping you sane, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me. And as we all know, with kids, organization is key. What, with doctor’s appointments, school records, and hundreds of other things, some kind of system is necessary. Up to this point, I’ve been using this expandable file folder to keep all of our documents in one place…and clearly we’re running out of space. Plus, it was highly inconvenient. If we needed to go to an appointment for

Becoming Community Conscious

Last week we wrapped up our November theme of Community Awareness. It was a fun theme full of field trips. As mentioned in our last recap post, we started the month off by using our savings to buy cat food and donating it to the local cat shelter. We then took a trip to Detroit Kid City. This is a wonderful little local gem that has an old-fashioned Detroit setup for kids to explore and play make-believe. They have a supermarket, school house, post office, bank, and so much more. It’s not a very big space, but they’ve been able to fit in a quite

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